Tom Piere

web developer

  1. uShip logo

    uShip is an online marketplace for connecting shippers with carriers.

    I worked on many features of the website and mobile applications including enterprise features, networks, finding shipments, and pricing.

    I primarily worked with React, Node.js and .Net. As we transitioned much of our infrastructure, I gained experience with AWS and Serverless applications.

  2. Dell logo

    Dell is a computer technology company and one of the largest technological corporations in the world.

    At Dell, I worked on an internal e-commerce sales application.

    Using .Net and Angular.js, I helped build features for carts, quotes, product searching and configuring and payment collection.

  3. Google Healthcare powered by Anthem

    Anthem is a managed health care company. It is the largest company in the Blue Cross Blue Sheild Association.

    At Anthem, I helped build a custom portal for Google employees to access their health insurance.gHealthcare is built on the Liferay platform, and I focused on front-end engineering for the site.

    I helped build many features across the application including the claims display, registration UI, online chat, customer service callback, and provider finder search.

    I worked on Spring MVC portlets that consume SOAP web services, and I focused on the front-end engineering to manage HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and other assets. I also worked extensively with the Liferay content management system to determine strategies for internationalization and content updates.

  4. Ameriprise Financial

    Ameriprise Financial is one of the leading diversified financial services companies in the U.S.

    I lead the development effort to redesign the transfer money experience. I added form validation to the pages that create and edit money transfers. I refactored the HTML and CSS to be more responsive for mobile devices such as the iPad. I built an AJAX modal dialog for the user agreement acceptance. I also built an AJAX dialog for a quick transfer widget. The widget contains a three step wizard to create a one-time transfer from the user's account details page. Finally, I added a new table to allow the user to view his or her scheduled transfers when creating a new transfer.

  5. Columbia Management

    Columbia Management is one of the nation’s largest asset managers.

    I built a number of enhancements and fixed bugs across their website. I built a jQuery plugin to provide a fixed table header when scrolling down a large table. The table header plugin is implemented on several pages of the website including themutual funds page and variable products page. I refactored the shopping cart that is displayed in the main heading to use a cross-domain JSONP service. Finally, I built a Liferay portlet to provide a web interface for administrators to clear server caches on a single node or across the cluster.

  6. Wall Street Journal

    Dow Jones is a news corporation with a suite of products and websites that provide financial information and analysis.

    I primarily worked on the Wall Street Journal's website, focusing on charting solutions for the company research portion of the site.

    I implemented the interactive chart page which allows users to perform technical analysis on securities with a highly interactive flash chart. I worked on embedding the flash object on the page and updating and implementing the menus that interact with the chart and news articles.

    I built the Per-Share Earnings, Actuals and Estimates chart which provides a quick and simple visual representation of a company's earnings compared to estimates.

    I built the News Coverage chart which displays the number of news articles over a time period for a security as a bar chart.

    Finally, I worked on a solution to overlay data points on a stock price chart, and fixed bugs for and the Wall Street Journal's website.

  7. Westlaw Next

    Thomson Reuters is a business data provider operating in two divisions: Professional and Markets.

    I worked in the professional division on the company's industry leading legal platform: WestlawNext.

    WestlawNext is an online legal research service for professionals and students. Its predecessor, Westlaw, is the market leader for legal research. WestlawNext offers many substantial improvements for users such as a simplified search algorithm, folders for managing research, and an updated user interface.

    I primarily worked on the document display for WestlawNext. I was one of the first developers on the project which grew to become one of the largest agile projects in the nation with well over 200 professionals building the application.

    I became the primary engineer for several crucial features in WestlawNext. I helped architect an extensive XSLT framework to produce the XHTML for legal documents. I lead the implementation of document "chunking" to break large documents into smaller parts. I also helped build the annotations feature that allows users to highlight sections of documents, and add notes to portions of documents that are relevant to their research.